Samantha Claire White; is a freelance consultant who specialises in all things Social Media.  Prior to this, she worked within the financial sector in London.   She is passionate about building brands, relationships and ultimately connecting them with people.  Samantha looks after a small portfolio of clients who are predominately B2C providers. Offering tailored and bespoke account management of their online social presence.  She enjoys working closely with management in providing clear analytics and simple strategies which help provide solid data behind ROI.

What does she cover?

Account Management

Samantha is a main point of contact, and true confidante. She makes sure your feedback is heard and that you plan for all eventualities.  Transparency is key, and so is ensuring a company understands what her strategy is and how she is performing.


Research and produce insights that assist every decision made by the client. Key operative is to deliver value.

Content Creation

Samantha loves creating, curating and collating content that forms the story a business wants to tell, in a way that the audience will want to consume. Whatever the platform or medium, she will work with you in order to provide the content.


Social advertising is a key element of building a community. Because outspending is not an option, she works hard to outthink the competition.

Community Management

Samantha is a company’s voice, eyes and ears, and loves looking after your fans as community is everything.  She works with a team to ensure that this is done 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

She is also writing a white paper on Social Media and it’s influence on marketing and revenue*.  This is for her final MBA year at Warwick University.

*due to be produced March 2018.